NativeVR, Berkeley, CA, 12/2017


- Character & logo animation for UTurnVR 360 video series tutorial on Gear VR

IMVU, Mountain View CA, 8/2015 – 8/2017


- Character animation for IMVU Avatar Based Social Network & Emoji stickers WithMoji 

- Animation for Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji

Wicked Fun Inc., Emeryville, CA, 10/2014 – 5/2015

Senior Animator

- Character animation in Spine for Force of Elements Game on mobile & PC

- Character R & D and pipeline set up: cutting from illustration to layers, rigging, animation pipeline


Camera Sculptura, SF., CA 10/13 – 10/14

Creative Director

- Animation, 3D modeling, 3D scanning & photogrammetry

- Web and Facebook design & creation

- Logo, business card, shop design & set up

TWP, S.F., CA 8/12 - 2/14      

Animation & Design contractor

- 2D Flash character design, rigging & animation, Unity Engine set up for Imimtek’s tutorial for Microsoft hand gesture controller prototype

- 2D & 3D animation, 3D set design and modeling for various projects

Buffalo Studios, S.F., CA 2/12 – 8/12  

Flash Animator and illustrator

- Animated 2D game art for Facebook game Faro

- Created game illustrations for Prizes and design animated game play mock ups

Real Life Plus, San Mateo, CA 2/10 – 10/11  

Art Director

- Directed visual style for online social games & entertainment: Style Studio, Fashion Face Off, Mermaid Cove & Personal Shopper

- Helped build team, managed internal & external artists, created animation, and assisted creating assets

Vivaty, Menlo Park, CA 6/09 – 1/10

Sr. Character Animator

- Created character animation for social networking 3D World and Mobile Facebook version

- Designed and implemented animation system re-design

Doppelganger, (Prev. Evil Twin Studios) San Francisco, CA 6/05 – 12/08  

Character Animator 

- Created key-frame character animation including emotes, dances, and actions for real-time virtual worlds: vSide, Pussycat Doll’s Music Lounge, MTV's vLES, & Tyra Banks Virtual Studio

- Collaborated with engineers to create interactive dance, guitar playing, and 2 player interaction system

- Created templates for user generated content

- Created initial art pipeline, animation trees, blending and overlays

- Designed, modeled, textured and rigged dog, objects for environment and avatar clothing

Electronic Arts / Maxis, Walnut Creek & Redwood City, CA 03/01 – 10/04

Character Animator

- Created character and facial animation on The Sims 1 ex-packs: Hot Date, Vacation, Unleashed, The Sims 2, and The Urbz: for PC and PS2 

- Edited The Sims 2 game's facial animation expressions for consistency across game

More shipped Titles :

Lego Island: Mindscape, first video game by Lego for PC, cinematic and game animator

Hello Howdy: Bandai for Apple Pippen, lead artist & designer, music direction, model, & animation

Steel Harbinger: Mindscape, PlayStation, model and animation

John Madden Football 94, 95: Visual Concepts, Sega genesis and Nintendo, 2D & 3D sprite, 3D modeling, animation


Congo: movie game, Viacom/Visual Concepts, as animator and 3D artist

Starship Troopers: movie game, Microprose/Hasbro, as lead animator

Nuclear Rush: shooter bundled with Sega VR (1st) and Monster Hunter: Sega , Nintendo: Futurescape Productions

- Gong show: live motion capture performance of my characters at SIGGraph, Lab Rats: facial motion capture animation with my facial morphs on characters for QUALCOMM phone avatars, Shout! Interactive, as animator, modeler, Blend shape creator, actor and character designer


         Rhode Island School of Design: Providence, R.I., Fine arts

         Computer Arts Institute, S. F., CA: 3D Computer Animation  

         Professional Seminars: Richard Williams, Don Bluth, Pixar